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Lexi Dona - Hardcore sex and goldenshowers

Pissy Revenge

[4K video] — Lexi enjoys a fantastic cunnilingus. Mutual masturbation is a great beginning to their lovemaking, but both girls want more than that. She falls apart in her arms, then cuddles close for deep, sexy kisses and caresses to seal their newfound relationship. Lexi asks her to piss all over her and Lenna happily stands above her and degrades Lexi as she drenches her in golden showers. Brunette babe Lenna Ross is furious to find out that Lexi Dona has slept with her boyfriend. Their breasts are nice and slippery as they rub each other down. She enjoys a fantastic cunnilingus. She calls her immediately and demands that Lexi visits her promptly to examine the transcription in person. There's nothing better than 2 girls kissing each other. These girls know each other enough to have regular sex. Lexi Dona knees down and waits for the famous nectar. A sexual intercourse was not an alternative for these girls, as they must something a little more sensual. Alone together, they make eyes at each other across the field as they caress their bodies in blatant flirting. Lexi licks detested Lenna's pussy and they switch places, still arguing right up until the end of this hs pissing porn setting! Lenna kneels down and takes her own golden urination before turning dominant again and they scissor each other on the couch before fingering each other in this rough lesbian pee session. They drive to say at the door and Lenna pulls Lexi inside. Things take a surprising go for these pissing lesbians as Lexi laps up Lenna's pee in mouth and spits it back out at her, turning them both on immensely. Lexi decides to try and use her charms to win over Lenna and strips off before Lenna peels herself out of her dress too. Cuddling together, the herbaceous caress and kiss one another as they slowly come down from their sexual high.

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Lexi Dona and Lenna Ross
Pissing and Lesbians
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